is it good to be a single daughter for your parents??/

October 26, 2009 5:12am CST
i'm a single daughter for my parents and i always get everything from them but some say that we should have a sister with whom you can share your feelings ad problems but according to you,does only sisters who can understand us,why not brothers???
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@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
30 Oct 09
in our family, its just me & my brother and i am the first born...and of course the only daughter of my parents! hehe, i also wish before that i have a sister coz i think that it will be great to have a sister to whom i can share my feelings & whatsoever... but, as i grow older, i can feel that i can also share my feelings to my brother (although, he can't relate on what i am saying, atleast he listens) as well as to my mom! and my mom? she's my bestfriend, she's like a sister also and she listen's to me... so, on my part, i don't need a sister anymore when i have a great mom who understands me more than anyone else...
@velentina (893)
• Mauritius
27 Oct 09
It is good to be the only daughter of a parent. It is obvious that those who have brothers and sisters they always fight. So you do not have this problem,this means peace at home. You can have a friend with whom you can share your worries, secrets and feelings.... In fact a friend is better than a sister or brother. But when you will get married then you will miss a brother or a sister because there will be no one to pay you visit at your in laws and to comfort you then....
@jndlponti (2408)
• Philippines
26 Oct 09
I am in a family of 4 sibling. We are three girls and just one boy. That is why they said that it is good to have a sister since you have some one to share girls talk, like you talk about fashion, boys or just about your problems. But this doesn't mean that you cannot share your problem to your brother. It is just it's much different to have somebody who share the same activity like you do.