slipers for children

@jndlponti (2408)
October 26, 2009 5:50am CST
The children I am talking about were the children in our local church. They have been attending sunday school extentions program. Their parents are not really member of our church. Most of them were children of a farmer, fisherman and jobless parents who have lots of children. I have been in the ministry since I was in college and just stop when I get married last year. But I never stop supporting this kids. During Christmas I pack foods for them as gifts. I notice that everytime they recieve it they are filled with much joy since that is the only gift they have for Christmas. And this year I wanted to add something with that treats, I wanted to give them a pair of sandals or just slipers. For I notice that most of their rubber slipers are already old, have holes in it. Since this is the only thing they use for school or going to evrywhere. They even use cellophenes only as thier school bag. I hope some of you could help.
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