top 10 tips: essential tips for approaching women

dating - 10 tips how to approach a woman
@BART78 (2932)
October 26, 2009 8:02am CST
1) DON'T HESITATE - the rule is, once you've made good eye contact, you can't wait longer than five seconds to approach a woman, the longer you wait, the more time you have to psych yourself out. 2) SMILE - when you smile, you look welcoming, inviting and friendly. 3) DON'T INTERUPT - as much you want to approach w/ confidence, you don't want to come off as rude, don't just barge in and start talking if she's talking to her friends or listening to someone. 4. STAND UP STRAIGHT - from the moment you approach her, your posture will define you, always make a good posture throughout your introduction and conversation even it makes you unease, LOL! 5) MAKE EYE CONTACT - steady eye contact suggests confidence, so maintain eye contact during conversation but don't stare at her like you're trying to read her mind. 6)SPEAK CLEARLY - this make you seem, again, more confident and it will attract attention, if you are in a club, speak a littel louder than you usually do but don't lean to much so she can hear you, it's a subordinate gesture. 7) ADDRESS HER GROUP - the reason why woman travel in packs is safety in numbers so first thing you gonna do address her group, be friendly, then gradually direct more and more of your attention to your target. 8) ASK HER SOMETHING - approaching woman with questions is effective coz it's best way to trigger conversation but try to stay away from subjects like her appearance, the ideal is observation about your surroundings and solicit her feeback or ask her opinion on a playful subject 9) DON'T USE PICK-UP LINES - pick-up lines sure is funny but you don't want her to think of you as a joke? right? also stay away form unimaginative compliments i'm sure hundred of guys have complimentd her eyes or her great smile already, so if you're going to say something, say something that is original. 10) DON'T OPEN WITH "CAN I BUY YOU A..." offering to buy her a drink as away to introduce yourself immediately puts you in subordinate position, you're basically telling her that you are uninteresting, and have so little to offer that you'll buy her drink in exchange for 10mins. of her time. it's fine to offer a drink once the conversation is rolling, be polite though....go test this 10 tips buddies, i'm sure you'll win womens heart..
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@Zenstrive (239)
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26 Oct 09
Interesting advices. Thanks for sharing :)