Office Politics -- From Victim to Key Player

October 26, 2009 8:49am CST
Have you ever been a victim of office politics? Have you ever felt that whatever you do, even if you do it right, people still say negative things about you? Do you have officemates where they don't have that much skill nor talent nor knowledge yet they are given the best rate or better position among all of you just because he/she knows how to make the boss smile? Have you ever felt that regardless of your best performance, your great KRA, yet the boss still had given you a satisfactory rate for several reason that are sometimes absurd? How did you cope up with it? Did you just let it pass and just be apathetic? Did you just convince yourself that as long as you have a job that's what's important? Have you sometimes come to a point where you are depressed already and helpless of the situation at work? Stand up and learn to play the game. Being a victim should only be your starting point. Learn. Observe. This is the only way that you can get in the corporate ladder. Know the rules. Be keen of the people who are key players already. Stick to them and soon you will know the techniques. Sad to say, but this is reality. You have to be one of them if you want to reach that top. Sometimes, skills, knowledge and talent is not enough. You need guts to stand up and let other see you. In the end, ask yourself--will you be a victim or a key player?
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• India
27 Oct 09
Yes i became a victim of the office politics. My team lead was really had 2 faces one is talks very cool and other was the black part in him. He scolds the Team Manager and when someone slips any comment on the TM then this matter will be passed onto the TM and always we end up with some warning. First i did not learned how to deal with him but later i Learned from my mistakes. I shifted to another Team and again transfered to the Team in which i worked first and now i am the another TM of the Groups and was running successfully without any clashes with TM.
• Philippines
27 Oct 09
that had always been the issue. There are people who really have two faces. When they are talking to you, they are so friendly and you feel that you can trust him/her. He/She sides with you. They sympathize with how you feel and says that they feel the same way too. Usually what they do is they drop the bomb first. If you follow their lead, it would be your end. This is what they call fishing. They are fishing for information. Usually their trash talk of the boss would be their bait. If you take the bait by saying foul words or bad comments about the boss, you fell prey to them. So cruel yet so true. This is one of the techniques they use to be able to get close to the boss. Then the boss would feel that these people are like their guardians. The boss would be swayed so easily with all the informations they are feeding not knowing that they too soon would fall prey. It is sad but this is just one of the situations that office politics employ. And those who are engulfed in politics are the key players.