no more call when drive

October 26, 2009 11:07am CST
From today on, you can't use cellphone without a hand-free stuff when driving. You can still use cellphone with a wired or a wireless headset such as a bluetooth device. Or you can use the speaker mode if your phone support this. I got a bluetooth headset about 4 months ago and almost never use it. And it will be usefull from now on. In fact, this morning, on the way to the office, I got a phone call from a colleague and the headset is working fine for me. I have a friend who own a store which make good money on the bluetooth devices sold in the past 3 weeks. Do you think it is a good way to help in reducing the car accidents? Hopefully it will.
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• Boston, Massachusetts
26 Oct 09
That's good for you. Accidents due to cellphone use is increasing in number nowadays and the best way to prevent it is to use the right gadgets in entertaining calls while you're driving. Be an advocate on this friend. Goodluck.
• Canada
26 Oct 09
yes. Although I have never seen anyone in an accident due to cellphone use, I do believe we should pay more attention on driving than any other things. Once I saw a lady on my left at a red light. I can't believe how many things she is doing when drive on the road. A ciggerate in left hand and a cup of coffee in right hand, a cellphone between the shoulder and ear. It's hard to imaging how she can drive the car and what else she want to do while driving.
• Boston, Massachusetts
27 Oct 09
It is ramphant here in our country. Good to know that there's no recorded cases of road accidents due to "using cellphone while driving".