What was the craziest thing you did for love?

@redphile (2265)
October 26, 2009 10:22pm CST
I definitely am a love fool. I go crazy when I am in love. SOmetimes I lack self control and just give it all away just to make my loved one happy. I dont wish anything for myself, but just being with the man I love, I am so fulfilled. When we have arguments or fights, I cant get myself to hurt him and hurt myself instead. I cant eat, sleep, or work properly. Thats why as much as possible, I dont want any fights or arguments. I play safe and I learn to trust and just be happy always. Living the life as if it were our last time together. When I am happy and inlove I do crazy stuffs like things I never did before, experience activities never done before, eat foods Ive never tasted before, go to places that we know we will get lost at.. I never fear anything when I am with my loved one. How crazy are you when you are in love?
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@BART78 (2932)
• Canada
27 Oct 09
...if i'm inlove, i'm crazy as hell, i can give mylife to the one i love and do some things that i don't usually do..donate your blood to her brother, face all the embarassment and lots of more things...
@redphile (2265)
• Philippines
28 Oct 09
yeah I would think of others first over me.. =)