Freecycle is so awesome!

United States
October 27, 2009 11:38am CST
I've posted about Freeecycle a couple of times, but it seems as though there is always something awesome the someone is getting rid of. I've got a bunch of stuff to do today errand wise, so I figured I'd take a look and see if there is anything available on freecycle that I could pick up during my travels today. I found a few different things that looked interesting, but one only is still available. I'm going to pick up a "broken" computer. It apparently powers up and shows the dos screen which means I can fix it without too many issues. I built the computer that I'm using to Gather now and it's become kind of a hobby recently(not to mention that I resell the units that I've fixed for a little bit of cash). As is true with most computer dorks, I now have a ridiculous amount of random parts lying around. The good part is I've gotten most of them from freecycle and it hasn't really cost me all that much to have a pile of stuff to replace existing units with. My one rule is that I can only have 2 computers in my room at a time, otherwise it just gets to be unbearable space-wise. I just finished one yesterday(just needed a new hard drive and sound card for a friend to play World of Warcraft without lagging) so this comes at a perfect time and I have space for it. I just need to add that to the ever expanding list of errands and get on the way. Hopefully this one's an easy fix and I can turn it around for a profit in just a few days! :)
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