in denial of being anorexic

October 27, 2009 11:42am CST
Guys I went out with often complain about my being fat or overweight. I am not an active person and I have a hard time controlling what I eat so I turned to slimming pills. I lost a lot of weight in 2 months and everyone was shocked to see me so thin. However, months after I stopped taking pills, I always have a feeling of throwing up whenever I eat and I only get hungry once a day. From what I know about anorexia is that you throw up after eating and that's what made me deny that I'm anorexic. Because even if I have a feeling of wanting to throw up, more often that not, I don't end up doing it. Am I just in denial?
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@Juli_angel (1063)
• Israel
28 Oct 09
binge eating, followed by throwing up is not anorexia but bulimia. although, if you don't eat or feel like eating it is anorexia, and you should talk to a doctor. but anyway- why on earth would you date guys that tell you you're fat?!
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
They usually tell me about it after few months of being in a relationship. But thanks for the feedback, now I'm sure I'm just in denial. There was even a time when I don't eat or feel hungry for 2 or 3 days