Which is better: yoga, or pilates?

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October 27, 2009 12:35pm CST
Im thinking of taking some classes, but I dont know which one to choose. Whats the difference between the two?
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27 May 10
You may hear that they are very much alike. I'm a professional Pilates teacher and studio owner so my expertise is Pilates. As a lover of Yoga in a personal sense I can give you my thoughts on both. They are actually quite different in their breathing methods except maybe in the Ashtanga/Power Yoga classes (not for beginners to Yoga!) The movements in Pilates are classically sequenced and are all about control! Principles in Pilates need to be understood in the "body" before the mind-quite opposite of Yoga where your body and breath lead the way. Pilates develops a point of control to create strength from the PowerHouse muscles (Core) and this term needs to be figured out in your body with the guidance of a certified teacher. Yoga can be more freeing and forgiving but to learn both more deeply attend classes in studios rather than larger fitness centers if possible!
@tawny_24 (351)
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29 Dec 09
I don't think you should choose. They are both great and offer a lot of the same benefits. There are as many types of yoga as there are people, and the type of yoga you choose will reflect that. For instance if you took up tantric yoga or kundalinic yoga you would be doing more meditation and slow moves that support meditation. Some yoga is done in a room with tempratures controlled at 90 degreees farenheight. Some yoga is for super hippy dippy types. But the yoga they teach in gyms and fitness centers are pretty much exclusively meant to sculpt long lean muscle and some strength. You might have to supplement your yoga with a cardio activity like walking, or getting on the eliptical. Pilates does a lot of the same things as yoga, it is more physically challenging than you might expect, and it does incorporate the cardio vascular element, which is why so many people who commit to a pilates program see such dramatic results. The best part of pilates is the fact that it does combine cardio with zero impact. It can be more expensive that yoga if you wanted to get one of the various machines that are used in pilates, and pilates classes are a little more pricey too. You should visit a few of both types of classes to see if either of these two forms of exercise is right for you. Chances are if you already enjoy physical exercise you will enjoy both. If you are the type to quit an exercise regimine, then you might not like either.