Do you find it easy to budget and plan a meal?

October 27, 2009 2:26pm CST
Every month we plan to go to supermarket to buy foods and other personal stuffs. We see to it that we will list down all the items that we need plus an extra for stock. We classify it as food and non-food items. Non-food items are easy to list down, because it is just a part of your everyday routine use such as toothpaste, conditioner, hair lotion and the likes. But the food items for the meal is quite difficult to list down. You need to think what are the ingredients that you may need to prepare a dish. It must be balance according to your diet. Hence, there are times, you cannot think of a dish that you will going to cook for the coming days. Thus, it ends up buying the not so healthy foods. Sometimes, I think, its really hard to do the food budgeting because it will made you think thoroughly what particular dish you will going to cook for the coming days. How about you, do you find it easy or difficult too?
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28 Oct 09
When I know I am going to need to do a shop then I will always sit down and plan some meals as well as comparing prices online for the three local supermarkets that I have. I am always very disciplined and I will take my list in with me and only get something not on the list if it is essential or a fantastic bargain that is either going to last in the freezer until the next weeks meals or save me lots of money. I regularly stock up on the reduced meat and vegetables and then prepare them and freeze them and I save many £s a week doing this. I have learnt that the best time to shop is in the evenings and therefore I may sure I go then and I always have a small snack before I leave as shopping when hungry is what generally makes people buy a load of rubbish.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
27 Oct 09
yes, actually i do because we are careful when we buy food and plan our meals pretty much ahead of time.we eat cheap and filling meals such as pasta or home made soup and bread during the winter and during the summer, we eat meals such as tacos and salads.