My paypal gonna hacked

October 28, 2009 3:20am CST
I so unlucky. My paypal account is being hacked. And my money had been transfered to another person. I had write in to paypal. they will reply me saying that they will investigate this matter. SO have ur paypal account being hacked? Pls share?
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@daliaj (5689)
• India
28 Oct 09
Please don't scare me saying about it. I have all the money I got from working online in my Paypal account. I am planning to use the money to buy some gifts for my family on Christmas. I have heard that Paypal is a very secure site and many people even link their credit cards with Paypal. Thank god. I just logged in and found that my money is there. I can't believe that your Paypal account is hacked. I have a few questions for you. Did you use to open your Paypal account very often? Have you used the Paypal account a lot for buying things online? Have you had an easy password for your hacked Paypal account? Have you ever accessed your account from a common internet cafe?
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• Singapore
28 Oct 09
Yeah. i did bought something using my paypal acc. i not sure what happen. but i already emailed to paypal. They will investigate this matter. But not to scare u further, one of my friend also had his account being hacked. That y he closed his acc. Although, my acc being hacked, but i still believe that paypal is a safe place to do transaction:) But hopefully u will not be like me so unlucky.
• United States
29 Oct 09
Sorry to hear about that. A few years ago, when I was getting my business started I got an email with a PayPal logo requesting my PIN#. My advice to anyone is never get so caught up in business that you don't have time to pay attention to others. Anyway, like a do-do I gave it to them but realized what I did and called my bank to change my PIN and dispute any charges that may have taken place. Afterward, I forwarded the email to PayPal and I haven't had anything happen since. The only other thing was some random guy tried to request $1 from my PP acct.
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@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 09
it`s bad experience. iam sorry to hear that and hope many friends here can take this case as warning to make our paypal account is more safer.
@wmaths (536)
• Italy
6 Nov 09
did you tell your password to anyone? Did anyone know it? I am so sorry for this. I hope you will manage to solve the situation.
• Malaysia
30 Oct 09
You can try check IPN then located the person....==
@rosekiss (30260)
• Eugene, Oregon
29 Oct 09
I am sorry you lost all your money you had in paypal. that really stinks. I don't understan how it could have happended though, unless someone you know, knows what your paypal email is and got into it that way. Paypal is very secrue, so the only way, that anyone's account would be hacked into, is if they had given their paypal email to a friend or relaive and one they thought they could trust, but that person ended up being dishonest and taking the money out and putting it into their own account. I don't make all that much, so they wouldn't get much off me, but it still would hurt, as I do work hard to get anything at all to put into it, and I certeainly don't want it hacked into. I would talk to paypal about it and let them know that you never asked for the money. I think from now on, the best thing to do is not tell anyone your paypal emial, not to mention, just withdraw it at least once a week, so no one can get it. That is what I an going to do for sure.Good luck to you and happy mylotting.
@bhanusb (5709)
• India
28 Oct 09
Yes I share your misfortune. I hope soon your problem will be solved.