Maybe I am a grown-up...

United States
October 28, 2009 9:20am CST
A few things that have happened recently have made me realize I am no longer as young as I used to be. Mind you, I'm not old, I'm 27 but I am looking 30 square in the eye. Here are just a few things that have made me realize that adult-hood isn't so bad, it's just a change. I think about how high I crank the AC or heat since I'm now the one paying for it. It's much easier to just clean whatever it is the first time. Shoving the mess under the bed(literally or proverbially) only works for so long then it starts creeping out the sides. I no longer get involved (or stay involved) in toxic relationships, friend or romantic. The fighting is not worth it or if I constantly have to prove my friendship/love. I no longer put up with people who waste my time. It's amazing disrespectful to be late and not call. Not having a cell phone is not an excuse, even if you don't have one everyone else does. I can't eat/drink like I used to. A little debbie cake and a rum and coke no longer make up for partying too hard the previous night. Silence, water, and a long nap might. A big Friday night no longer includes binge drinking, beer pong, and late night trips to 7-11. The now include a boyfriend with an actual job, wine with dinner, and maybe a spontaneous ice cream trip. I actually want to go back to school for my MBA. I knew this time would come and I'm glad I put off going back to school for 5 years until I actually wanted to learn. What has adulthood taught you?
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