which do you prefer, a dancer or a singer?

October 28, 2009 9:27am CST
if you will to choose, to be a singer or a dancer? i prefer to be a singer because i love listening to the music and it is very versatile because it can be heard in the radio, television and computer. while the dancer, it can't be seen in the radio. the music to be danced are sung by the singers. you can sing anytime, anywhere.
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@Fulltank (2896)
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
I can't dance in the middle of a crowded place, but I can sing in a low voice. I can't dance while taking the exams but I can sing when taking it. Dancing is a lot easier to learn than singing. A lot of showbiz people knows how to dance but few knows how to sing. In religion, most of us praise God with singing while few do it in dancing. When someones is dancing to the tune we knew off, the first thing we do is to mimic the lyrics of the song followed by dancing itself. Therefore I would say that I prefer singing over dancing.
• Philippines
4 Nov 09
for me, they are both, but not in good done, just simple. we are the same, i also prefer singing than dancing. I'm not good at dancing. i find it very hard.