free web create

October 28, 2009 5:32pm CST
i want to create a web but i want find free create, where cant i get a free web create?
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@Danuska (190)
• India
25 May 11
In order to build a website make use of this site recently i built a website making use of this site you too make use of this site & built your dream website & gain solution ..
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
1 Dec 09
Hello Vicky. There are ofcourse a number of sites offering to build websites for free. One of the sites is I have tried it, and I find it very helpful. So, you might want to take a look at that, and ofcourse you can choose the one you like from a number of different options. It would also depend on what your requirements are.
@mrchung (31)
• Indonesia
30 Oct 09
you can create a web blog on and if you want to use a personal domain name,you can try a free domain name from
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
29 Oct 09
Well it depends on how serious you are with your website. If you just want that for time pass then there are free webhosts. But if you want that as proper way, then it is better to invest some money and get it hosted by someone and then place the website there.
@ggeliee (52)
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
try for free website and for free flash website builder
• United States
28 Oct 09
I suggest going to or just blogging at But you cannot have your own domain name(.com) unless you pay for a price.
@Downwindz (2230)
• Netherlands
28 Oct 09
I guess what you are tying to say is you want a place where you can create a website for free, including an easy setup webcreator program? I can recomend But ofcause this site has some limitations if you choose the free version, but it does contain a webcreator, but you can also use your own made templates if you know how to work with XHTML/HTML and CSS.