Do you use cheats on games?

United States
October 28, 2009 6:48pm CST
Well, I do this only after I finish the game. I do not want to take out the fun and challenge if i use cheat codes immediately. At times I cheat when I am stuck at a level or something which helpful! Sims 2 is one of the games I enjoyed cheating. I am now superbly rich and have luxurious life. Cheats, what do you think of them?
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@skbh12 (2950)
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
hi flamingor! yes there are times that i do use cheats on certain games that i play such as sims 2.. hahah. before i used to cheat money for me to be able to create a bigger house. but then i wanted to have challenges so what i did was stopped pushing on the buttons for cheats and played the game normal..
@blindedfox (3316)
• Philippines
28 Oct 09
Well, cheating literally takes the challenge off of games. I used to cheat on games when I was a kid, yes. But I don't anymore. Games are more enjoyable when you actually scratch your head for what went wrong or how hard the game is. That's the fun of playing games. Cheating is like dousing a nice flame with a bucket of cold water haha. So, games are better played without cheats. I assure you that. Thanks and God bless!