whats the best song from linkin park

October 28, 2009 9:01pm CST
other than - what i have done, numb
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• Indonesia
30 Oct 09
well,i like all linkin park songs,but my favorite songs in the end from their first album,and somewhere i belong from meteora .
• India
30 Oct 09
ya i too like, but i want find more good songs from their band
@rowdyrace (111)
• India
6 Dec 09
[b] well its tough to say the best song from all the playlist of the linkin park but if i have to chose some than i will chose new divide, in the end
@badman006 (224)
• India
1 Dec 09
The best song was "In the End" I loved most of the songs of LP first 2 albums but minutes to midnight,i don't like most of its song. Papercut,pushing me away,what i have done,Somewhere I belong,Breaking the Habit,Numb,Faint,Crawling,Bleed It Out,No more sorrow,high voltage,etc.
• Philippines
5 Nov 09
Linkin Park was the only rock band I listened to. I'm not that rockish type person but I do really love to listen to their songs. I remember their 1st and 2nd album containing my favorite songs like papercut, forgotten, in the end, somewhere I belong and numb.
@CooterF (17)
• United States
4 Nov 09
How about the song that gave them their big break? "One Step Closer"
@kush20006 (515)
• India
4 Nov 09
new divide-linkin park
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
29 Oct 09
Linkin Park is a really good band with a lot of good songs,and there are several songs of theirs that I like,one of them is faint because it is awesome,another is breaking the habit,and I would say one of my favorites is Leave Out All The Rest because even though it is really sad it is a really good song,with good lyrics,and a good meaning and I like the video and how they are on a ship,because the beginning looks like a scene from one of the Halo video games.