Is it alright to change the working place frequently

Sri Lanka
October 29, 2009 12:20am CST
Hi folks, I wanna know whether it is alright to change the working place frequently. Because some people say we have to change where we are working after a year or so. I started working in April 2008 and now this is my second company I work. So, what you people think of changing the working place from one year to two years or is it worth working in a same place for several year. Does it make any difference??
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• Malaysia
29 Oct 09
Hi! First of all, why do you want to change your working place? If you are not happy with the environment, then, it is your right not to put yourself in a stressful situation, secure another job and quit! However, if there is no reason at all, I guess it is better for you to stay at where you are right now. Bear in mind that some employers will look at your resume and question why you keep changing your work. They will want to know that because if you keep doing that, there is a possibility that you will resign in a year or two, so they won't hire an employee like that. Try to stay in one place, there might be a promotion, bonus and most importantly, you can gain many experiences and widen your knowledge or skill in that particular area.