How should we spend our college life

October 29, 2009 1:55am CST
Many people envy college students,the envy of university life.Because college life is corlorful,but why institutions of higher learning of university students,as I now do not feel any happy?Do you have this feeling and you think we should be able to pass college life?
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• China
29 Oct 09
A pessimistic girl in a sentimental mood,you don't love your college life just because you didn't fall into life is the most beautiful movement in my life till now,I learnt how to recharge and reposition myself,when you talk about college life,It's imposible to ignore the friends made.So much fun andwarm happened amony us,such as,I and one of my bestfriends usually walked together around our campus for any reason.We just enjoy the feeling with each other,I miss him so much now!God,why were you did this to us,a break from us.Anyway,my college life was so amazing and full of happiness,you love it too,you just don't realize you love.
• India
29 Oct 09
College years are the best years of one's life. It can give you memories that last a lifetime.Ofcourse bad memories come along too, but on the whole, friends and memories you carry along from college last you a lifetime. Some of my best friends are ones I knew in college and I'm sure they will be my friends for a long time from now. Courses can be demanding, but if you plan your study well, you can have fun and enjoy your college life responsibly.. Take care. Cheers, Karen