perfect dream

October 29, 2009 6:50am CST
I can say I am a dreamer. I always dream about all the things. as time goes by, I met some people who 'taught' me to dream. they told me that dreams might come true if we did it in a right way, and I think I have a perfect dream. I have a dream and every detail of it. but unfortunately, my life goes another way from that dream. I'm starting wondering, so what is dream anyway? is it a future life that comes to us? or is it just imagination?
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• United States
30 Oct 09
dream are a good thing when it comes to your thoughts. its as if your planning a future of your intrest. if you have a goal set buty your dreams maybe it towards your considerations.but remember when a futur is being set as your goals are its never tend to be one path your always have multiple ways to turn your directions. all you have to do is learn how to maintain them or what path to take .if i remember i was once told when your going through a point the wind slaps you to the other direction.
• India
29 Oct 09
in perfect dream, i saw my ambition is been completed. that,s all. because generally any of my dream is been not completed.