Comments that are UNHELPFUL by mylotters who post JUST to be posting...

@joye68 (151)
United States
October 29, 2009 8:48am CST
When I ask a direct question about how to find something, and state that I've already got my regular sites to visit as well as "goto" ppl on a network... PLEASE don't bother to tell me to GOOGLE it. I've MOST LIKELY already done that and am unable to find specifics. While I already spend a great deal of time on research... I'm looking for specifics. Specific sites that can give more indepth discussion or helpful forums; specific people I may be able to network with; specific things that not only can help me, but that I can pass on to help others. Thank you. Just needed to get that off my chest... Please feel free to add your annoyance/aggravation with fellow mylotters who simply post just to be posting... "Hello. How are you." on posts is NOT making me happy.
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