E-Books or just Books ,which one do you like better

@vincyk (198)
October 29, 2009 9:39am CST
With the appearence of the E-bOOKS ,many classmates in my classroom are fonding with it and you can see many of them hold on their cellphones or MP4 and read by them.The more people read E-books the less person choose to read the traditionnaly books.They think the E-books are convienent and can read in everywhere while the words printed on paper are not heavy to carry .Does the E-books can take the place of the traditionnally books,it is really a questionable vogue which had took for the topic of our examines
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• Philippines
7 Nov 09
I prefer books.I get bored with e-books.I rather read the words than listen to them.from reading,I can learn lots of words and improve my spelling skills.also,based on my own experience,my imagination works more when I read books.with e-books,I get bored so easily,it make me feel sleepy.
• Philippines
4 Nov 09
Nothing beats a good paperback! I am a serial bookworm. I devour anything that's printed in black-and-white. Though I do carry a cellphone and ipod full of my favorite e-books and audiobooks, there are none of which that I do not own in paperback or hard cover as well. The e-book is simply convenient. But when you think about it, knowledge should be shared and not deleted once you're tired of reading it. You can always pass a book on or simply donate them to a local library. Either way, you do a lot of good.
• India
2 Nov 09
I prefer both Ebooks as well as paper books. Now a days also there is a lot of demand for paper books as most of them buy them and read them still
• United States
30 Oct 09
Hi Vincyk, I love reading actual books much better. I find comfort in curling up on the couch or in bed with a good book and can turn the pages. If I take a book with me, I can read it and people know that I am reading a book. Reading on a kindle or whatever, people think you are just online doing something and may be curious, but with a book they can see the cover and know what you are reading. I can understand if you travel alot that a kindle/ebooks would be the more convenient way to go for ease and number of books but I guess I'm old fashion.
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
Real readers like real paper books. Real books you can read anywhere even when your travelling, or just chilling. And something you can keep and pass on to your kids or friends.
• Indonesia
29 Oct 09
Not really, e-books can't replace paper books. I am actually a fan of both kinds. E-books, just like you said, are light, but reading too many of it can actually cause eyestrain while paper book may be heavy too carry. Both types has their own advantages and disadvantages.