Characteristics of a True Friend

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October 29, 2009 1:18pm CST
A true friend has many different characteristics. I am going to discuss the few that I feel are the most important characteristics a true friend should have. A true friend is faithful, encouraging, loving, sympathetic and understanding. A true friend is going to be there no matter what, through the good times and bad times. They will give you words of encouragement to let you know that you can make it through whatever it is you are going through. A true friend is not jealous or envious. A true friend loves the good in you and the bad. They love you for who you are. They will not back stab you or hurt you, they will defend you to the end.
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• United States
29 Oct 09
Hello. I think you have pretty much spelled it out! There's not too much else I can add to this. I will say however, if you have 1 or 2 TRUE friends in your life you are a truly blessed person!