Chinese mobile phones.

October 29, 2009 10:33pm CST
These days cheap chines mobile phones are flooding the market. Does any one have any idea regarding the OS that they use. And any information regarding the applications that can be installed in them. Some say that there are .nes applications that can be installed in them. But others say that some handsets support java applications. I think that both of them are futile. Any ideas that anyone can provide regarding these mobiles.
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@biman_s (1061)
• India
30 Oct 09
I have seen these phones as many of my friends have bought them. They usually have a very large screen and lots of speakers. They are very loud when you listen to the speaker but the sound quality in the earphones is not that good. The OS doesn't support the functions and files that can be installed in other phones. I think that you should avoid using these phones.
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• India
5 Nov 09
Ya buddy I agree with you on the functionality part. Their sound quality is not that good. But they score high on the loudness front. And the best part is that you will never ever fail to hear the phone ringing!!! And they are able to give TVs with the phone and the clarity of these TVs is not even that bad. And thanks a lot for responding in my discussion.
• Pakistan
30 Oct 09
Ya chinese mobile phones are very cheaper than the mobile of other world class companies and the quality of the Chinese mobile phones now a days are very good. Specially features of a Chinese mobile phones far good than the mobile phones of the other companies. Chinese windows mobile phones are also avaiable. other features is been touch screen duo memory card and lot others.that what i know about the Chinese mobile phones that my friend has.thanks
• Indonesia
30 Oct 09
Most of the chinese cell phones i came across have enormous facility but with no upgrading options, and they usually uses cheap plastic for the cover, really not worth buying despite the facility.
• India
1 Nov 09
Well, i agree to what boogerman has to say if we are talking of the chinese nonbranded handsets. Because if we are talking of just chinese handsets then there are a lot many branded phones made in china. Even some popular ones like nokia and spice. As far this discussion goes, i believe we are talking about chinese nonbranded handsets only. Well, not all chinese models can install java applications. So its better to check whether they can install java or not before purchasing them. Among those that can install .jar or .nes, as getbrowser says, many can only install gaming applications. Ofcourse, .nes format is mostly games only. As far i have read in some blogs, certain phones with mt6225 processor do have firmwares that support java. Like the sigmatel phones. Anyways, to be on the witty side its better not to purchase a chinese nonbranded model.
@czy6688 (27)
• China
31 Oct 09
yes mmy phone are made in china,also a chinese brand.and its os is windows mobile,its cheap but its quantity is quite good,sure ,many apps work wel on it.and i hope they can make many good phones