How long does it takes in suffering from heartaches made by the one you love.

October 29, 2009 11:41pm CST
Would it takes so long in trying to move on, if you're being hurt by the one you love? Im losing my faith... wHAT shall i do? he doesn't love me anymore but I love him so much. You nthink I have to give up AND set him free?
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@jugsjugs (13045)
30 Oct 09
If you know that he do not love you anymore,you must walk away no matter how you feel as this will constantly upset you.Look at it that there will always be someone out there that loves you as much as you love them.Set him free and move on,start your life again.
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@sagnik42 (3598)
• India
30 Oct 09
It is better to set him free. If he does not love you there is no point in keeping him attached to you. Forgetting him? Well that can be tough. I took a long long time to forget my love. It hurts and hurts badly. You will just have to get used to it. Try to move on and lead a normal life. Sooner or later you will find someone who will love you back.
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@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
30 Oct 09
..hi sheng.. I do understand how you feel.. however, in your situation, no matter how hard it is, if the other person don't love you anymore, you better let him go and set him free.. that is the mystery of love.. loving unconditionally will mean, you will always prioritize the happiness of the person you love and if his happiness is not with you, then you have to let go.. because when the person you love is happy, you will also be happy although you will really be hurt but that's love in reality.. and only several people can do that.. you also deserve somebody who will love you more and greater and who is willing to sacrifice everything just to make you happy.. cheer up girl and be strong.. later, you will be able to find the right guy for you.. maybe it's not him.. what's the use of not letting him go when you see that he is not happy with you already.. it will just hurt you even more.. you are beautiful and you deserve the best.. Be happy..
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@free_man (7337)
• United States
2 Nov 09
Believe it or not he is the one that lost when he said he don't love you anymore. You are a special person and someone just as special is looking for you. Let him go and if he comes back then it was meant to be but if he don't come back then keep looking and praying that God will send you that someone special. There is someone out there for each and everyone of us. God didn't create us to be alone God wanted each and everyone of us to have a special person in our lives. Good luck and have a great day!