When crossing at a crosswalk, do you look both ways?

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October 30, 2009 6:22am CST
I live in a busy city, one with many crosswalks and much traffic. Every single day, there seems to be people who do not look before they cross a crosswalk, they simply walk straight out into traffic, assuming cars will not hit them. At crosswalks with buttons for flashing amber lights, I also see many people either fail to push the button before they walk out, or push the button as they are walking out on the crosswalk. My questions to you are: Do you look both ways before crossing at a crosswalk? Why do you think it is important? If you don't check, why not? Do you match the description of one of the types of people I've mentioned?
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31 Oct 09
I always do. I try to avoid accidents. You know nowadays that poeple driving cars are very careless. I am just being careful. I always look both ways just to make sure.
@sandymay16 (1619)
• Philippines
30 Oct 09
I live in a small city where there's no traffice lights and the lanes are just two lanes. Heavy traffic is midday and late afternoon. I always look left and right before crossing because I'm very cautious and safety is always good. Even if the lane is just one way I tend to look left and right before crossing. I have seen people just crossing even without looking both ways. They're just plain irresponsible.
• Italy
30 Oct 09
I always look both ways because I fear I didn't look enough! Maybe I am a bit of a freak, who knows! I see there's people walking straight into the traffic and I knew one, I know he used to do it to get money from the insurances...he was quite good at playing to be the victim and I think that behaviour was ridiculous, besides he had a job and had money so there was really no need to look for money that way!!
@rhan04 (309)
• Philippines
30 Oct 09
Well, sometimes I tend to look both ways especially when I'm in a hurry. It's really important to look both ways though. There are instances that people actually get hit by cars more particularly in a very busy street. There are drivers who are very reckless to it is better to be safe that sorry.