linux or windows(xp,vista,7)

October 30, 2009 10:16am CST
what will you prefer to use which operating syatem? which is the best? and y?
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@MistaJ (5)
• United States
8 Nov 09
Well, windows 7 came out a couple weeks ago. It is great. Vista is bloated junk and should never be used. XP is an outdated system. Windows 7 definitely fixed all the problems i had with vista. If you were one of those that never upgraded to vista and stayed with XP, then you would be fine upgrading to windows 7. Personally though, I like linux. Sabayon, LinuxMint, and Mandriva are all great systems and are worth a try.
• Germany
4 Nov 09
Linux is for database and for expert programmer and also geeks. linux is powerful and good. Windows contains many loop holes and easily hacked and bypass. by the way i use them both.
@ionas15 (43)
• Greece
3 Nov 09
For my oponoin the best operating system are XP and linux,don 't be certain for eindows 7 as they are on the testing at least..
• Singapore
1 Nov 09
Windows I guess. More software are workable on the Window platform. Linux? Never used one before. I don't think I will ever use Linux, unless I venture more into computing and stuff in the future.
@nitin_hec (1098)
• India
30 Oct 09
I prefer to use window xp and linux dual boot. I as a programmer like to use Linux as everything you need is easily available in Linux. XP is more user friendly. Consume less resources. Vista was worst Operating system ever. Microsoft was thinking that every one have computer with high resource. but they was wrong. Lots of bigger organization denied to use Vista.
@shadow41 (2356)
• Philippines
30 Oct 09
For me I prefer windows over other operating systems. And of all the windows versions I've used, windows 7 is the best. It's clean, has a classy look, modern, backwards compatible with my old favorites software, performs better, and many more. There's nothing I can complain about it for now. I hope I won't encounter problems with in the future. shadow41
@elsoft12 (1825)
• India
30 Oct 09
Hi.Which is the best?Its XP for me.Of course I am yet to meet Mr.Windows 7.But Vista is definetely out of the top OS list.I havent used Linux much,I used it some time back.Of all the OSs I have been through Windows XP is the one I prefer to use.