Does anybody believe in curses?

@Daruka (17)
November 14, 2006 10:48am CST
Since 2 years I cant get out from this money problem that i'm having.I am a student so I lived with a lot of people, but everytime when I had to move it was because I didn't have the total sum to pay for the rent.But once when I stayed at a family, there was the mother who was interested in witchcrafting, horoscope, fortune telling and stuff like these.I was interested too and we used to talk a lot about these things but the day came when I had to move because the rent was to much and I could't afford it.I left without paying and since then everything I try to do goes wrong.Especially if it's about money.Now I have a lot of debts that I have to but I can't pay!So what shoul I do?
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@jehwsm (266)
• Pakistan
14 Nov 06
my friend curses are nothing.Its just our thoughts.I can asure you if you did not have financial problems you would not have thought like this. What you need to do is believe in your self and progress by studying or investing money. Post as many discussions on my lot to increase your earnings. Best Wishes.
@Daruka (17)
• Romania
14 Nov 06
Thank you very much for your belive!It is helping. I thought that i was a positive thinker but slowly i see that i was wrong. I will try to change my point of views and to do something!Thanks againg!
• Canada
14 Nov 06
I think that curses have as much power over you and your life as you allow them to. I don't know the details of your current financial situation, but I can bet that if you went back through your records, you would find that you are lacking in funds because of ill-advised investments or over-spending and not because money simply "disappears". Have you considered drafting a budget and sticking to it for a month or two, or even seeking advice on debt-consolidation loans? If you are paying high interest on credit cards or overdraft of your bank account, debt-consolidation can lower your interest rates and allow you to save money. Try keeping all of your receipts for a month and seeing just what you spend your money on-then decide what is really neccessary and what is not.