What should be done to preserve our environment .

October 30, 2009 12:59pm CST
Creating alternative to electricity which will control the harzadious waste that goes to the air and that can cause respiratory diseases.
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• Philippines
31 Oct 09
One of the salient features of the Clean Air Act of 1999 (Philippines) is the improvement in quality of gasoline and diesel and promotion of alternative, cleaner fuels. This alone can help a lot in preserving our environment. People too have a share to promote its preservation. For example, they refrain from burning their trash in their backyard creating smoke which is bad for our health and for our air. People are now made aware by government health campaigns to segregate their trash into biodegradable and non-biodegradable types. But still some play deaf and dumb to the ill effects of throwing non-biodegradable trash anywhere. It takes 10 to 20 years for plastics to dissolve into the environment. A biodegradable product can dissolve easily in the environment without destroying nature. It’s the opposite of plastic and Styrofoam, which harm the environment. Trash clogging the water ways cause floods (surely this was what resulted in the great flooding in the northern part of our country just recently).
• Canada
31 Oct 09
Empty toner/cartridge is another way our enivironment is been polluted . More than 500 million empty toner/cartridges are been dumped in landfills.that is very toxic to human health. in terms of respiratory diseases and it always take 450 years to decompose. what my organization is doing in canada and in the US is to collect this empty toners and recycle them. trying to help the environment and to give an homeless people a change of life i.e, job creation that will help to put food on their table and shelter.
• India
30 Oct 09
the first step to be taken is to abolish all the private vehicles which are not fuel efficient. this will lead to the lasting of the gas oils for three times longer than the expected period. then we have to be more of reusing things like plastic and stuffs that cannot be recycled. well these things are not easy to implement. it will cause serious change in the lives of the people of all developed countries starting with US