Do you like junk food?why?

October 30, 2009 11:33pm CST
I really like eat junk food!But my mother told me The junk food was Impact on heath! Do you like junk food?
6 responses
• China
13 Nov 09
although junk food will inpact on heath. but i eat sometimes. some of them are delicious. we should eat less.
@jerimiyah (232)
• Philippines
1 Nov 09
yes ido but i seldom eat it nowadays. i do am hungry for vegetarian junk food. its new and its really good.
@ample03 (403)
• India
31 Oct 09
I know they are low cal foods, I know they are bad for health, and I even know that they lead to diseases, but I like them. I really like them a lot. I like Pizzas, Cheeseburgers, Chicken fingers and lot more. I just can't control myself from eating them.
@Downwindz (2231)
• Netherlands
31 Oct 09
Actually i dont eat that much junkfood at all, i think it is the high contain of fat my stomach dont like, and i just dont seem to get filled from it. This doesnt mean i dont eat it at all ofcause.
@agv0419 (3029)
• Philippines
31 Oct 09
I like eating junk foods but not very often because I know it is bad for my health. It is hard to resist eating junk foods when it is around everytime my sisters bought junk foods I'm also tempted to eat with them. I love also eating potato chips.
• Philippines
31 Oct 09
yup! i love potato chips most specially. anything not taken in moderation is bad for the health so just go easy on it and it should be ok.