What is time management for you?

October 31, 2009 5:19am CST
Hi How do you manage your time? What is time management for you?
4 responses
@arlerambabu (1080)
• India
31 Oct 09
[b][/b]Doing tomorrow's job roday Today's job right on the spot is all about Time management foe me.
@omiami (412)
• Malta
31 Oct 09
I believe that time management is important and it helps a lot in life. Unfortunately with the work and character that I have, i am not able to make time management. However I wish i could settle down and do one very soon because its important in life to learn how to find time for everything if its work, things you like doing etc. It would be really helpful!!
@manong05 (5029)
• Philippines
31 Oct 09
Although the word time management is commonly used, in actual fact, we don't manage time. We all have 24 hours and that can never change. We manage our activities and actions so that we can do a lot within a given period. Set our priorities and do things that are more important and can't wait, the the least important ones follow.
@pede_22 (385)
• Philippines
31 Oct 09
Time management is very important. We need to manage our time in order to achieve our objectives in a certain day. All the things that you would do are very essential to be managed properly. Don't waste your time. As we refer to a famous saying, TIME IS GOLD! We are actually doing it and managing it. Happy mylotting! And don't forget to manage your time.lol.