Pet announcement...please read

United States
October 31, 2009 2:39pm CST
I have read a lot of things on this site about pet questions. I am upset, as I read what humans expect or do to their pets. Please, before you get a pet, any kind, read about them. Get information from a vet. Know what you are getting into. Animals are special, under our care. They are not to be hurt by our ignornce. They need to be taken care of like a child. They need their shots, QUALITY food, gentle disiplane, and lots of love and attention. They need to be respected of what they are, and not to expect them to be a human with our behavior. So, please know what you are getting into, before getting an animal. Cute babies grow up. And if you get a cat, please please DO NOT declaw it. And keep it inside,, not outside.
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@mdaazam (826)
• Indore, India
31 Oct 09
Hi margieanneart ! You sure are right about taking care of pets and especially if you have cats . I was troubled too first but thanks to you now they are cool and im feeding them nicely the black one is getting fatter than the other orange and white one but they are all healthy . You have been a lot of help thanks , i admire for that !