Is there a link between mental illness and genius?

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October 31, 2009 3:06pm CST
Is there a link between mental illness and genius? There many stories of smart people being unable to cope with society. I have been considered extremely smart and I often find mindself ostraszied and out of the mainstream. John Nash movie showed an extreme case. There wer others who were considered intelligent but had trouble fitting in. Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe, Hemingway all were considered very intelligent but had trouble with normal society. What do you feel is it hard to be smart and fit in?
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• United States
14 Nov 09
I think it's possible that there is a link between the two. More extensive research needs to be done on this topic. Stephen Hawkin, one of the great minds of the 20th century is in someway mentally hanicapped but writes books on astrophysics and deep matters of space. But it wouldnt surprise me if there is a interconnection of the two mind conditions.
• United States
15 Nov 09
There's plenty of research already but no one can really say what makes one person crazy and unable to cope and another person appear brilliant and well managed. The biggest factors would have to be genetics, environment, peer pressure. Many things can affect a persons self esteem and sanity.
@iridium (436)
8 Mar 10
Stephen Hawking is IN NO WAY MENTALLY handicapped. he is however profoundly PHYSICALLY handicapped
@manong05 (5029)
• Philippines
1 Nov 09
Real smart and intelligent people know how to adjust their thinking to other people's level. They may have difficulties fitting in but they know that this is such the case and can adapt accordingly. What you say is true too that because of their level of intelligence, people around may find it difficult to get along with them.
• United States
26 Nov 09
Real smart people can be very bad if they want to. Hitler was a genius in his way. This Fort HOod terrorist was obviously very smart academically but part of being smart is finding a way to use it effectively. Im sure there are millions of people throuighout history who were very intelligent but could not find a way to express it. To find a way to express is genius in its self.
@calai618 (1781)
• Philippines
1 Nov 09
There's a saying that there's only a thin line between being crazy and being a genius. I dont really know about that. My take would be genius people have a lot of things to think about, they want to do something very revolutionary or feel like they dont belong somewhere so they tend to spend time alone doing their stuff. Maybe they also think that other people are just doing normal stuff and they dont want to mingle with them. Sometimes they also get bored at school or with other people their age that dont have the same level of thinking as them so they tend to just be alone or look for other people or things to spend their time with. I dont really think that's being crazy but it's just that they have other priorities or have interests different from those people they are expected to mingle with.
• United States
23 Nov 09
Real intelligent people like President Obama can adapt and mingle in several different situations. Book and academic intelligence is just one part of the puzzle. How many super smart people have you encountered that never achieve what you and everyone around them know they could. Intelliegence is just one part of the whole. No one knows how intelligent you are if you dont get a chance to use it.
12 Apr 13
i think that genius people have alot of thoughts in their mind so they donot have a space for other people
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7 Jul 10
it is said that there is the thinnest of lines between genius and craziness. i for one think for you to be considered a genius at something, you have to have some other part of your mind that is underdeveloped or not properly developed.
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
28 Mar 10
Well i believe they are just being sperated by one line , you could be called a genius for a moment but the moment you could be labelled mental illness.
• Nigeria
1 Nov 09
Booker T. Washington once said something like Genius is doing a common thing in an uncommon way. What makes you a genius or a very smart person is probably that you think outside the box and you think outside the system we are all sucked into from birth. I bet that if a very smart person is around average people they can't truly speak their minds because the majority may not except their thoughts. This happens through out history with the most esteemed intellectuals, infact Einstein said that, "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds". Basically, the majority doesn't usually adapt easily to change and thats what genius' bring about since their ideas and thoughts are outside the box. So maybe the smart persons just try not to talk too much in order to somewhat agree to disagree.
@zhouxi (1756)
• China
1 Nov 09
i saw the the film "a beatiful mind",it's a very sad story about a genius of economics and math.many genious are not ordinary person,they feel alone because their ideas could n't be exchanged to ordinary people.