Unique Wake and Funeral

Boston, Massachusetts
October 31, 2009 7:31pm CST
I am right now in my wildest mood to think about how my wake and funeral be –please allow me to share my thoughts: 1. WAKE: THERE WILL BE A DAILY THEME: Funny- I am a funny person and I want my family, relatives and friends to recall and share any funny moments with me, this will be a night of joy and laughter. Sentimental – this is the other side of me, not everybody knows about this side in me. This will be a night full of sharing about how I made an impact in their lives, any significant experience they had with serious encounter, any interaction and me. Talent Night – I am a person who's into arts and music. This night will be full of music, songs and poetry reading. Solemn Night – my last night will be a solemn one it will be filled with prayer and wishes for my family to recover immediately for my sudden lose. One of its highlights is a PowerPoint presentation of my pictures since birth up to the recent ones, including all the significant places that I visited, people I worked with, my family and my friends. Lastly, this will also be the night for distributing my personal letters to my family and friends and reading my final wishes. 2. FUNERAL – There will be a thanksgiving mass and my favorite mellow music will be played during my funeral procession. There will be doves and yellow roses and flowers. It will be a last experience worth remembering being with me. How about you? Have you ever thought of how your wake and funeral will look like? I will appreciate hearing your comments and responses. Thanks! Happy Halloween!
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