are you afraid of the dark?

November 1, 2009 1:04am CST
do you have any phobias? share it here
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• Chile
1 Nov 09
no i`m not afraid of the dark... but i`m afraid of spider... we have in Chile two of the most dangerous one... the corner spider... and the wheat spider... both are deathly when they bite u... corner spider has killed a lot of people here... we have the vacine for that, but if u do not go to the hospital on time, u can say bye bye to this world!!!!... the wheat spider is not that common, only on the country side... but the corner one habits in all my country... the problem is i live in the country side, so i have to take care a lot... specially because my baby like to play everywhere... and in summer time they tend to appear.... it`s spring time here and we can see a lot of them righ now....