Do You Know The 8 Developmental Stages?

November 1, 2009 8:12am CST
There are 8 developmental stages. The 1st stage is the pre-natal, conception to birth. In this stage all body features, both external and internal are developed. The 2nd Stage is infancy, from birth to 2years old. It is the foundation age when basic behavior patterns are organized and many ontogenic maturational skills emerge. The 3rd Stage is the early childhood from 2years to 6 years. They are pre-gang, exploratory and questioning. The next Stage is the Late Childhood, from 6 to 12years old. Gang and creativity age when selfhelp skills, social skills, school skills and play skills are develop. The 5th Stage is Adolescence, Puberty to 18years. Rapid physical development occur resulting to changes in ways of feeling and thinking and acting. The 6th Stage is Early Adulthood, From 18 to 40 years. Age of adjustment to new patterns of life and new roles. The next stage is the Middle Age 40 years to Retirement. It is the transition age. The Last stage is the Old Age, from Retirement to Death. Increasingly rapid physical and mental decline are experienced.
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