Big mystery of Orochimaru ?

November 1, 2009 12:05pm CST
Hey everyone , im a huge fan of Naruto so ive seen every episode sharply . But i still have a question dat when sarutobi(3rd hokage) did a seal on Orochimaru's hands den howcome he was doing jutsu in episode wen he faught yamato , sai nd 4 tailed jinchuriki ? Plz reply soon, i want to knw abt it . . . .
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• United States
2 Nov 09
well...first of all you`re talking about naruto shippuden and if you dont remember orochimaru took someone else's body and kabuto made seals for him,and the 2nd thing:it was not the four tailed jinchuuriki it doesnt even exist.what he fought was naruto with the fox cloak in 4 tails.hope it solves your question
• India
2 Nov 09
Well if u have watched naruto carefully den u shuld have known dat in naruto , sarutobi sealed the soul , whole time kabuto was doing da jutsu nt orochimaru , even when the 3 sanin faught each other ,kabuto summoned da snake wid orochi's blood . . . . .
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• Philippines
2 Apr 10
ok heres the best answer on your question. the 3rd hokage seal the soul of his arm using his real body, but orochimaru have a technique that he can transfer to other body, so if you observed it carefully after transferring from his original body to other he take another soul so by then he can make a hand seal and the sealing that the third made is already no use. it naruto having his 4 tailed out, the manga or anime didnt mention any 4 tailed in the battle but lready captured by akatsuki! hope i answered your question!
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• Indore, India
2 Nov 09
Yeah a very nice question it is Calypto but i dont watch Naruto sorry ! I think you are a big fan of Naruto , and i guess you should try to go for other topics as well and respond to other discussions as well ! Thanks and have good day ! Cheerz .