How do you handle disappoinments?

United States
November 1, 2009 12:58pm CST
I'm writing this post to all my Christian brothers & sisters. How do you handle it when it seems as though God's word is not coming to pass. When you have been praying for something and it does not happen. When you have been believing for something that isn't coming forth. What about when you're a faithful tither/giver and it still doesn't seem like the devourer is being rebuked? do you blame God? Do you get mad at Him? Does self-condemnation step in, and you think you're doing something wrong? When your situation goes against every promise God has made, what do you do? I'm looking forward to the responses and maybe we can help each other. How do we find God in a God-less society?
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• Philippines
1 Nov 09
I just pray harder when there is a problem, I do not blame God or others, I just ask God to give me more strength and courage to face adversities I have and will have in the future. Problems can make us stronger, it is up to us how to manage them properly to help us become better.
• United States
2 Nov 09
I appreciate your answer. It's like the old saying, "what doesn't kill you , will only make you stronger". But honestly, isn't there someone out there who can admit that they will down right throw a 3 years olds tantrum when they are hurting and feel God Has let them down??
@aerous (13465)
• Philippines
1 Nov 09
If that happen to me, my friend. I don't blame any body specially God, because this is my fault and I know that disappointment is everyone experiences in due times. I'll make sure that someday I learn from that disappointment and hope not happen again...