The school bags are too heavier than a travel luggage we carry. Is it necessary.

November 2, 2009 1:30am CST
For carrying the school bags kids are dying because of the weight of the books. Is it necessary of so many books that too for school going kids....This may lead to many things like back pain...they should happily enjoy the studies not burden...
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@getbrowser (1715)
• China
2 Nov 09
students heavy bags - students with heavy school bags.
In my opinion, it is unnecessary completely to carry such a big and heavy bag for these kids. I am from China and it is very common that kids go to school carrying heavy bags. It is unnecessary for such children to carry heavy bags. But it seems that there are no ways to prevent such situations happening. You see, for there are full of keen competition, students have to work hard and gain a good goal. For most students, they have no choice but to carry the heavy school bags. The students have to face various mental stress even if carrying heavy bags won't lead to many things like back pain.
• China
2 Nov 09
Wow, rorisricha, it seems it's also a problem in your country. I just remember that how heavy my school bag since my first day to school. And my school bag was always heavier than my classmates'. I don't know why, but I had to carry all the textbook, exercise books and notebooks. If I forgot something, I would be punished or scolded by my teachers, sometimes, they even made me go back to take it. It was so awful! So I dare not leave some books at home, but carry them all. I think it's really a problem in some Asian countries. I think it's unnecessary at all. I really hope maybe relative department can learn something from some western countries. Their academic level is really high, but the students lives easier than us in a way, at least, they never take so heavy school bags.
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
2 Nov 09
I remember how heavy my bag was when i was in grade school... i had to carry like 10 books and 10 notebooks... then my pack lunch was also inside... it was like torture... i was so eager to reach high school because they didn't have to carry that many items... i hope schools will be able to solve this problem...