Where do you live now?Do you ever think about moving?

November 2, 2009 2:04am CST
where do you live now?are you place a great winter vacation spot?a place of historic interest?a good place to have higher education?a place that you'd prefer not to stay longer?
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• United States
10 Nov 09
Right now I'm living in Pennsylvania, United States. Its cold usually October through March and then its warmest June, July and August. I don't really mind living where I am but right now I'm moving from my boyfriends apartment back to my mothers house. I don't really like where my mom lives, it's in the middle of Amish land. I don't mind it for now though. I would like to eventually move to somewhere where its warmer all year around. I'm thinking more like South Carolina, United States. Its not too hot there in the winter but not really hot in the summer either. Its just right.
@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
9 Nov 09
I rather like it in Berlin. But , I would like to move to a bigger apartment with a balcony. That would make me very happy. I need more space. I would like to stay here in Berlin. The people are actually very nice. I did not expect that. hahaha! History museums, there is a lot to see here. Lived here for 3 years, still have not seen it all. hahaha! I went back to the Netherlands last month, I really would not want to live there anymore. The mentality is so different. Nice people, but they are so perfect. I am far from perfect, I just want to be me. hahaha!
• United States
3 Nov 09
I am currently living in florida. i used to live in england. there is alot of history there and a good education. here in florida there is some history but not as much as england. the education here is so so.... the winters here are warmer, we get from frost in the mornigns but no snow. i would like to travle and find other places to live. i'm not attached to living here in flrida.
• China
3 Nov 09
I just graduate from college and have a job low paid,I dare not want to have a department alone,it's difficult and unreallity for myself now,but hope is not succuss,but what made success by.