My kid acts crazy

November 2, 2009 3:58am CST
Well, it's been few days, that my son, Angel, is acting like crazy. I don 't know why. Before that nothing happened. He refuses to accept orders, he doesn't do anything that the others ask him to do, he makes funny faces to grandma and grandpa, in order to insult them and make fun of them, he refuses to tide up his room or help me or his grandma do things. All these are things that he never did. He begun that day after day. First day that he begun that, my mother didn't say anything. But as the days had passed she realised that I was to be told about it. I was always away to work and I was few hours at home with Angel. Now, I stopped working (not to disciplean him), and I have few hours at home, until the day I go back to my new work. Could someone please give me a clue, what might have been the cause of all that change in my Angel's attitude?
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• Nigeria
3 Nov 09
I think you have the answer in your post, maybe the following questions will do you: 1, how many time have you spend with the angel at alone. 2,have you ask him what grandpa or grandma done wrong. 3,have you ever listing to him when he tries to explain either grandpa or grandma misconduct.If no expect something tougher.
• Greece
3 Nov 09
Well, actually there is no problem of miscommunicating, either with me or his grandparents. He communicates just fine. As I learned from his teacher today, the origin is another kid in the school, that seems to be the one that says " I did to my mammy this, I told my mammy that" etc. I think he tries to learn how to behave as a child, and he foun wrong example.
• United States
5 Nov 09
Children learn by watching and listening. If he is getting this from someone in school he is probably learning that when this kid behaves in this way he gets the attention and he is wanting attention from you. Just explain to your son that that is a negative way to get attention and you will have privileges taken away from you if you continue this behavior. Then after you explain this to him, ask him what he would like to do for fun and make time to do the activity with him. He will learn that if he wants your attention all he has to do is ask for it.