The largest ship made its maiden voyage would you have liked to be on it?

@audrey7 (233)
November 2, 2009 6:41am CST
Imagine a ship larger than the Titanic. Would you like to have been on it? Frommthe readings this massive structure is a site to behold? What are your thoughts on the matter?
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@ronnyb (6119)
• Jamaica
19 Nov 09
Wow I would like to behold such a vessel to look upon it with awe and wonder but as far as being on on it is concerned ,I dont know about that part.I dont really like to be on boats or ships ,my last experience went well because I made it safely but I was scared as hell.The problem is that I cant swim nd as a result I am never comfortable being in or near water.In addition after what I know about the titanic ..hell no ..I am not going on any such ship
@audrey7 (233)
• Jamaica
20 Nov 09
Thanks for your response. I can understand the mix feelings you have especially when you cannot swim. By the way plan to learn to swim it is a very imoportant excercise. Even just to help yourself. You live in a land of wood and water so it is vital to even help yourself. Would you believe that I can only help myself? But , I enjoy this activity. With What is happening nowadays I go with you on this one. I do not think I would like to be on this voyage. I have gone on voyages on ships and the experience is different but I would not trade it for the plane ride!
@tanchyka (213)
• Slovenia
2 Feb 10
I would love to be on the maiden voyage. That's always one of the most important events in the ''life'' of a ship. Accidents like what happened with Titanic are really rare and almost impossible today, so I wouldn't be scared of that. I have been on ships with a capacity of 5000 people (passengers and crew), which is more than the capacity of Titanic I think, and I loved it. I wish I could have been on her maiden voyage.
@Illyria (16)
• United States
2 Nov 09
I'm not really that in to man-made marvels like that, I think I'd rather just take a canoe or kayak with a close friend or lover. Simplicity and closeness to nature is what makes me a happy gal ;o).