Signs of Water on Mars?

November 2, 2009 7:51am CST
A new set of pictures from the Red Planet joins a growing gallery of images and raises the prospect that water was preseng relatively recently on the surface of Mars. The latest evidence uncovered by NASA's sharpeyed Mars Global Surveyor orbiter shows small channels etched into sand dunes inside an impact crater in the planet's southern hemisphere. Scientists believe the channels might have been cut by flowing water. The findings,released by Global Surveyor's camera operator Malin Space Science Systems, follow publication earlier this year of photographs showing similar geographic traits that scientists believe were formed within the last million to two million years. If the gullies and channels were indeed cut by running water, Mars may have had rivers much more recetly than previously believed, says Kenneth Edgett, a co-investigator at Malin Space Science System.Liquid water is believed to be a key component needed for the existence of life. so do you have some idea?let share with it, mylotters.
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