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November 2, 2009 8:15am CST
i am feeling difficult to study as soon as i hold the book i got to sleep
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• Boston, Massachusetts
5 Nov 09
Hi Earnharish, Please take my advise seriously because this was very effective to me-- 1. Never read or study inside your room and lying down-- the situation is very comfy for your to fall asleep 2. Find the best time in your day where you have all the energy to sustain any activity that you will do including reading/studying 3. Never force yourself to read if you are really sleepy--- SLEEP. When you wake up-- refreshed from a good sleep, trust me you will have all the powers to read and absorb whatever things you read. I hope this will work with you...Welcome to Mylot!
@rodsdman (145)
• United States
2 Nov 09
I have the same problem, if I try to read a text book I will fall right to sleep. The trick I have found works is to make it so you body has something to do while you read. I go and walk at a slow pace on my treadmill. This way I get some exercise and it keeps me awake. If you dont have this option, try just standing up. Put your book up on a shelf at eye height or on the counter so you have to stand to read, this should keep you awake.
• United States
2 Nov 09
I usually set a goal for myself. Like if I have to read 30 pages in a week. I will read about 6 pages a night. After I meet my goal I will reward myself with a snack or to play a game on the computer for a certain amount of time. That way I get through my reading and also get to do the things I love.