They are my babies.........

posts - they are letters , I think
@mac_fish (723)
November 2, 2009 8:37am CST
Ye, I take the posts I've started as my babies,they are my pround. Their souls are my pionts,and they exist for some reasons to tell my friends how was I going everyday ,to show what I am to strangers,to show my standpiont on something..... and so on. I have not ever and will never throw any of them on this site without any reason or just for money. So, what about u?
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@abanerji (1026)
• India
2 Nov 09
hi mac_fish! even i feel so, i write not for money but to express my feelings. when people understand my feelings and share their own feelings i feel good.
@mac_fish (723)
• China
3 Nov 09
I'M glad to be with u. Thanks for ur comments