Is there any scientific truth to 2012 galactic alignment?

November 2, 2009 5:30pm CST
I read a couple of materials and even watched a special in the history channel about this. The galactic alignment will happen but what effects it will have is not yet known. Some say it will cause gravitational disturbance resulting to differences in tides and even generate emp pulses. Do you think all this hype about 2012 is just a hollywood propaganda or does it have scientific truth?
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@xfahctor (14131)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
3 Nov 09
*sigh.... we go again..... Let me explain the "galactic alignment" and what they are refering to. this is not a physical alignment, only the APEARENCE of one. As you may or may not no, our earths axis has a steady wobble to it, which changes the apearence of the sky slowly over a looooong period of time. Also, we experience a similar alignment every year, it is due to the simple fact that we orbit the sun and because of this, objects apear to change position in the sky over time, again, this happens every year. People confuse this with a physical alignment with the galactic center plane, a pehenominon that occurs roughly every 25 million years or so. This by all accounts already happened a few million years ago so we don't have anything to worry about for about another 20 million years. Even if it were to happen tomorrow, there is absolutely no reason to believe it would be harmfull to us in anyway, there is no astronomical basis to that notion whatsoever. As for some of the other 2012 myths: Planet x/nibiru......doesn't exist, can't exist....period Magnetic pole shift....has happened a number of times while humans were on eart, it is a gradual process and the worst thing that could happen is our compasses will eventually be pointing the wrong way and some birds may be confused on migration for a season Physical pole shift (aka the north pole suddenly slipping)...cannot and does not happen, physicly impossible....period. Planetary alignment....sorry, not happening anytime in the next thousand years or so and even if it were, there is no effect it would or could have on the earth conclusion, 2012 is just another year....when it ends, go buy a new calender like we do every other year.
• Philippines
3 Nov 09
Thanks! I read a couple of things after posting and the hollywood movie 2012 did make some bad propaganda to sell their stuff. I read they even came up with a website where people can register for a safety ticket after 2012. That website was eventually shut down by NASA after they started receiving emails and calls about the 2012 stuff. It would be great to atleast see something cool in 2012 like aurora not just in the north. I've been wanting to see something like that but I live so far away from the poles hehehe