What are Friends

United States
November 2, 2009 8:28pm CST
From grade school to college, we meet different people all the way through our lives and every time we meet someone new that we get along with, we call that person our friend. I've always thought a friend was someone who would ultimately die for us. In todays society everyone is weary of one another. No one has trust, especially for those that we just met, and it seems that everybody has their own agenda, whether its being friendly to acheive a certain goal, or to help us reach another level in the game of life through deceit and lies, so i ask, what is a friend, and how would you know?
3 responses
@sangearn (21)
• India
3 Nov 09
Friends always help full to us. Tear is the silent language of pure heart. when the tears come with reason U got some problem but when tears come without any reason u missing your friend.
• Indonesia
3 Nov 09
friend is someone who is always there for us, when we need it now mourning the love friends are always there beside us
@kiuhkj (117)
• China
3 Nov 09
Friends anr many different kinds, in the face of different friends have idfferent ways to get along. For me, I get along with others who respect my way of a foot, I respect people yi zhang