Woman are more hard working than man.......

@2babita (1074)
November 3, 2009 2:35am CST
Hi friends,what do you think,woman are more hard working than man or not?I think they are,they do house work and outside work,they also look after her children and family.They do all.So what do you think.Share your opinion.
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• India
6 Nov 09
I don't think women are hard working than men.
• India
4 Nov 09
yaa really woman works hard for their family because unlike men they spend most of the time with family members so they always think and 90 percent of womens are sensitive then men so they understand each and every problems so they really work hard for that
@Buchi_bulla (8299)
• India
4 Nov 09
My vote is for you 2babita, women are certainly hard working than men. They take care of the house work, kitchen work, outside work, helping children in their home work and extra curiculars, going for work, taking care of guests and visitors at home, no end for the work. If man does a small help, he and his people think that it is a great thing he has done and it is not equal sharing also. Some men will be on transfers and lady has to take care of the family along with office work alone. All these are ok, she does willingly for the family. But finally in some houses the husband says, what great work you have done, all women are doing this. Here her services are not given due recognition. Am I right?
@dpk262006 (56217)
• Delhi, India
3 Nov 09
Hi dear! It is undoubtedly true that working women (and other women too) are hard working and they put more amount of work in comparison to their counterparts. They keep looking after their family, which not only included their respective partners but children too. They take care of kitchen activities and they keep a tab of every need of their family members. If they happen to work, they also perform their with best of their ability. They are hard workers indeed and without them, a family unit will fall apart. I firmly believe in extending my compliments to my near and dear ones. If you keep interacting with me you are likely to get compliments from
@shadow41 (2356)
• Philippines
3 Nov 09
In general I don't think women are hard working than men. Yes it's true that there are many hard working women. But they don't outnumber the hard working men out there. Usually males are the breadwinner of the family. shadow41
• Indonesia
3 Nov 09
hello, nice to meet you. I totally agree with your opinion. working women are stronger than men. Sometimes during the day they are working to find additional revenue to meet the needs of the family, and after work they were given the burden for caring for children, and at night when the children had fallen asleep, she sometimes still be an obligation that is to serve their husbands. And 1 am sure she is tougher than men. have a nice day.
• Canada
3 Nov 09
They sure are!!! And it's not just because women want the option to work outside of the hime, it's because of the very nature of what is expected of us. when we work outside of the home, we work a lot more than out-side workers who don't do a lot of housework, and even when we don't work outside of the home, we do a lot more work, starting from the time we push a kid out of our birth control, and give it it's FATHER'S name!!! Grrr... If I am going to push a kid out of my birth canall, and work like a dog to raise and care for it, it's going to have my name!! :)