'Oops' - One should never drink or eat while at the pc. See what happens
@allknowing (69477)
November 3, 2009 6:22am CST
When was the last time you said 'Oops' I just did. I put salt instead of sugar in my oats and had to throw the stuff and prepare it all over again!!
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@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
17 Nov 09
Well, for me, I put the salt in my coffee instead of the sugar. We have identical containers for salt and sugar which I always thought I should change but well, that instance just proved my point. Someone had not put them in their correct order so I accidentally put the salt in my coffee and boy, did that taste awful.
@vathsala30 (3723)
• India
4 Nov 09
Hi allknowing I am so absent minded, that everyday i will do something or other silly things. My mind will be somewhere else while preparing coffee. So instead of sugar i will add either chilli powder or salt to it and say oops and throw it. while making porridge for the children, instead of porridge powder, i will add oil or someother thing and say oops and throw it. Recently i bought one toilet freshner and as usual i kept it somewhere and forgot about it. next morning when i was searching for it i found it in the fridge and I said oops.