What it means true love??? Can you tell me what the means..

November 3, 2009 8:41am CST
Hi, Many people are happy because of love. there are many kinds of love. No love brifat while. there is eternal.. Would you tell me what the meaning of true love ????
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• Malaysia
4 Nov 09
love have different meaning to different people. sometimes love equal to stable life, love equal to happiness, love equal to trust each other. but for me, love is something mystery and this cant be explained why it happened. however, when love is happen, you should appreciate and also treasure it. use your heart to maintain the love, to me, it is the true love~~
• Indonesia
4 Nov 09
I agree with you all. love is an expression of feeling that comes from the heart and love can be expressed through the act but was too difficult to be expressed through verbal. Love is the feeling to always give without expecting compensation in any form. Can be conclude, true love is a feeling that can be realized in concrete actions to always give even sacrifice for something without expect any compensation in the form og a loved one. Do you agree?
@nicholaYa (121)
3 Nov 09
true love? this is really a kind of stough question. In my opinion .love is a feeling. love means when you think about him. you will smile . love means when i happend to some difficulty you will think about him. ..blah. in all i think is a feeling. feeling decide what you think if this is a emotion. love is a feeling.