MJ fans.. How did you feel after watching This is It?

November 3, 2009 11:27am CST
I felt kinda happy but sad both times [today's been twice that I've seen it] and everytime I leave feeling that way. Ultimately, I don't think this feeling will ever go away. :/ Also, another question.. how many times have you watched This is it? And do you plan on watching it again?
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15 Nov 09
This is it was a masterpiece. It shows Michael the virtuoso performer at the height of his game. It shows the vision and love he had for craft. starting with "You want to be starting something" it flew it a majesty of his music and stage presence. His back up artist and dancers you could see where entralled and in ectasy and felt their were participating in one of the greatest perfances of all time. We were let into the vision with which Micael worked. He was a able to work with the musicians to get the perfect pitch and harmony. His timing and balance was all in his mid. There was and interesting scene wer the director tried to correct one of the support personal to say he should recognize the proper timing to cue the start of Smooth Criminal and Michael corrected him saying he would cue the start himself. The director said but Michael your back is turned how will you know and Michael said I will feel it. There is a feeling of pride, pain and performance extrodanaire that flys thoughout, "This Is It". His feeling of reacting and adding to his best video shows his scope of understanding of the visual image. He enhanced "Smooth Criminal" and updated it with new scences, Earth Song was broadened and given further depth. His performance of Earth Song flying high above the auditorium in a gondla has been a classic for years. "This Is It, was poised to take to new heights. Thiller was still the master video and that performance was adding ghost and goblins rising up and through the ceiling it was a fitting mix of special effects and provision artistry at work. The best part was the crescindo of "Human Nature". Michael started discussing the song in conservation with his support , slowly rising into Accapella song. He continued to rise and crescendo into full song including gyrations and movements that some might consider very free. The camera split into the three scenes to show the depth and discipline of the artist as he practiced and prepared. His falsetto "ahhhhh" during the song, was one the best parts. It seemed to show the yearning to finally find the love that he sought, for people to understand the pain and to finally achieve the sense of peace and pride that he felt he deserved. Perhaps this performance and the continued legacy of Michael is his destiny and his last performance was a glorius ending but the beginning of a new appreciation.
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4 Nov 09
While watching it I was happy - love Michael and He just shined all throughout the movie, perfection as usual. I wasn't sad after watching it but... Anyway, for all those who haven't seen it yet, make sure you stay past the credits!